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Moelwyn Gym Club was founded in the mid ninteen eighties and since then, under the guidance of head coach Lynda Dodd, it has been dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. Among its members the club boasts Welsh Champions and Welsh squad representatives. Gymnasts from the club have competed against teams from Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, the Netherlands, and the USA.

Moelwyn has always tried to play a role both within the community and throughout Wales.


Sports Acrobatics was officially recognized as a sport in 1973 when the International Federation of Sports Acrobatics (IFSA) was formed, and is defined as a branch of gymnastics in which the exercises are performed in pairs or groups of three or four. The first World Championships held under IFSA sanctions were in Moscow in 1974, and now take place every other year.

Sports Acro offers much wider scope for participation than its orthodox parent. Both rely on the same basic building blocks, but `artistic' gymnastics is primarily a solo activity, relying heavily on specialist apparatus and performed in single sex exercises. Sports Acro mixes the sexes, and requires much less equipment.

There is a structural progression of competition, from beginners to prospective international representatives for those who wish to pursue it.

Sports Acrobatics also lends itself more readily to team displays and gymnasts, whatever their level of expertise, can participate in a co-ordinated whole.